Our Vitality pillow is infused with moisturizing soy for a beautiful sleep. The plush feel of the Vitality pillow also supports your head/neck and reduces pressure points while the Cool & Cozy cover keeps the temperature down while the ventilation holes keep the air flowing throughout the pillow.  
  • Comforting and supportive quick-recovery memory foam
  • Infused with natural soy
  • Ventilation holes to help circulate air to increase cooling
  • Cool & Cozy cover is cold to the touch and refreshing
  • Made in Italy

We use natural soy oil to construct foam which helps add to its non-toxic Oeko-Tex 100 rating. We harness the soothing power of nature and combine it with our advanced Italian-made foams for unparalleled performance.

Available in standard, queen, king and surround shape.  The surround shape is great for side sleepers.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mallory (Norwalk, Connecticut, United States)
Great sleep!

I got the Soothe pillow in a standard size, but found it too tapered at the edges and overly responsive, making it feel like an even thinner profile. Exchanged it for the side sleeping Vitality, which had less tapered sides and was the perfect height! Firm enough for good side support, responsive enough if I am on my back or stomach. Love my pillow!

Helene Scott (Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada)
Sleep like a baby

I am totally delighted with my new blu sleep pillow. I really am getting a better sleep.

Best pillow ever

I love this pillow! It is so comfortable and is very supportive of my head and neck. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get a better night’s sleep!

Natasha Figueroa
Best Head and Neck Support

Wow! This soy infused pillow is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had in my entire life - no joke! I used to toss and turn during my sleep and wake up with neck pain but after using this pillow for about two months now it’s alleviated the pain! I’m so appreciative that I came across this pillow and the benefits of it! The price is well worth it and I highly recommend it!

Actually Amazing!!!!
Picky side sleeper - this pillow is PERFECT

I am a side sleeper, so like many other side sleepers I crave a unicorn pillow : one that sits high, but doesn’t sink too deeply, yet isn’t hard.

This pillow is my dream come true, it is so comfortable and soft, perfect head height, and it sinks just enough to form to your neck and head but it is still so supportive!!!

I didn’t think this was possible. Also, this company has some amazing customer service. 10/10 experience for sure, I am very satisfied! Thank you Blu Sleep!


Like others, I've hunted for the perfect pillow. Neck aches abound. I have so many pillows I've purchased, especially foam, that I could start a store. The hunt is finally over. This pillow is the very first one I didn't toss in the middle of the night on first night of use. It supports but more importantly it bounces right back into shape when you lift head. It's solid without being hard but also soft without going flat. I am planning to buy family members this pillow. I slept all night without waking up, punching the pillow or folding it. Nope. It kept it's shape and supported my neck all night. Thank you for making this pillow!!

Best pillow I've ever had

I occasionally wake up with neck pain so a good pillow is CRUCIAL. My husband purchased this for me after he heard a friend talking about it, and I am so grateful he did! I’ve had GREAT sleep and no pain with this pillow

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