At Blu Sleep, we believe that offering the best quality on the market also means having a positive impact on the environment and improving our production process.

Sustainable manufacturing is the most important aspect to be considered by all production engineers, not because it is a fad but a necessity as an obligation to the world, we live in. Product life cycle analysis has become a tool of choice being used to establish the environmental impact of the products that we produce. There are several areas within manufacturing that can be benefitted greatly by the adoption of green manufacturing practices.

The three major principles to be considered are:

  1. Reduce the resource utilisation in the process,
  2. Use environment-friendly materials,
  3. Reduce all forms of waste and reuse and recycle as much material as possible to realize the goal of self-recovery capability of the earth.

We care a lot about you and our shared environment.

Blu Sleep Products Sustainable Development approach is based on 2 pillars: Acting for our People and for our Planet.

At Blu Sleep Products people are central to the company’s strategy.

Our main focuses are:

Ensuring our employees have a safe work environment
Pushing education and training of our staff
Making sure our suppliers respect human rights
Promoting diversity and inclusion

Our commitments to sustainability through our processes are clear and we mobilize the resources needed to meet this challenge.

Using non toxic materials
Using water based glue in our mattresses
Reuse, recycle: 90% of the extra foam from production of our pillows and mattresses is used to make other products
Vacuum packed pillows and mattresses to reduce packaging and CO2 emissions in shipping
Proposing a 100% recycled cardboard packaging

Our goals by 2025

Convert to recycled plastic bags for packaging
We are in the process of moving towards photovoltaic systems (solar power)