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The one that I've been using is the aqua gel but its like Italian foam which makes me feel really fancy! 🧐 Then its also infused with mallow flower oil so it smells good when you go to sleep and its like... *sigh*

Jess Southern

I slept Like a baby. Its Amazing! Its Italian foam, how fancy, and its infused with mallow flower oil and it keeps you cool at night so with the heat going you're never going to sweat!

Angela Amezcua

Wow... This is Legit!

Chris Randone

My boyfriend got me this pillow and it is the most comfortable pillow I ever slept on and it keeps me cool all night. I often sleep on my stomach and my face burried into the pillow, so its nice that I can breathe through it! Definitely recommend! (It's a Cool Pillow)


We have absolutely fallen in love with the Vitality Queen sized pillows! Now time to invest in a louder alarm clock to actually wake us up!


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