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Our Lavender Frost Gel Foam is infused with soothing Lavender for a restful sleep. The plush feel also supports your head/neck and reduces pressure points while the Cool & Cozy cover and ventilation holes keep the temperature down and the air flowing throughout the pillow, for an easy and breezy sleep.

  • Comforting and cooling gel foam pillow (3000 times more cooling than conventional memory foam
  • Infused with Lavender essential oil to calm the mind and body for a restful sleep
  • Ventilation holes to help circulate air to increase cooling
  • Refreshing Cool and Cozy Cover
  • Made in Italy

Available in:

Queen regular shape

Queen surround shape for side sleepers



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jo Anne Wilson (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
A Skeptic Is Convinced

I wasn’t sure about spending the money on yet another pillow, but I have not slept better in a very long time. It helped the first night I used it and hasn’t failed me yet (fingers crossed). My only concern is that it might take up too much room in my luggage when we get to travel again!!

Nicky Vennera (New York, New York, United States)
The most amazing pillow ever!

I’ve been looking for a long time and this pillows amazing. I have to say that the blue sleep pillow is close to the best thing I’ve ever had. I’m not good at reviewing stuff so I don’t necessarily want it let anyone know what theiy need to make a decision based on what I sat. Butt!! I have to say I’ve looked at a lot of pillows and this one’s pretty amazing!

Stephen Lorenzo
Worth every penny!

I never realized how important a pillow was until I got this. I haven't slept better in my entire life and that's coming from a 64 year old. My energy has increased to what it was 30 years ago and that's because of the great sleep I finally get. The pillow is extremely comfortable and worth every dollar spent on it.

No more neck pain!!

This pillow is incredibly supportive and has saved me from years of neck pain. It is the most comfortable and soothing pillow I have ever slept on. The lavender also goes a long way into helping me relax. I truly recommend this pillow!

Incredible pillow!

The comfort of this pillow is incredible. The feel of it is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It truly supports my head and relieves all the neck pain I’ve been having. The slight lavender smell helps me fall asleep easily and is so refreshing. I will never go back to an ordinary pillow after trying this...

Amazing pillow

So comfortable and has a nice soft lavender scent

Fantastic Pillow!

This pillow is out of this world! There is nothing like it. The feeling of the gel is so unique and incredible. It has truly made a difference to my sleep with its comfort and support on my neck. Get this pillow if you love and need sleep!

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