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Bio-Ceramic gel has many beneficial effects to the body. In addition to the cooling effect the pillow provides, the far infrared energy that is returned to the body can improve blood oxygen levels, promote muscle relaxation, reduce stress, increase blood circulation, and reduce joint inflammation. The pillow itself is Air Memory foam that is made to be plush, luxurious, comfortable and have great air flow. It comes with a cooling cover.  It is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers.

The science: Powered by our own metabolism, bio-ceramic recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a boost—infrared energy. This energy can be absorbed through multiple layers of fabrics, making it possible for the body tissue to absorb it. This natural, biological process improves circulation resulting in an increase in tissue oxygenation. The result: your body uses oxygen more efficiently.

Ceramo is for anyone that is seeking improved circulation and increased muscle and tissue oxygenation for health performance and recovery.

Available in queen size regular shape and surround shape. 


Customer Reviews

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Anna Ruiz (Caguas, Puerto Rico)
Love my BS pillow

I love my new pillow, makes me sleep and rest like a Queen

E. Rosen (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States)

I have a closet full of pillows that I have bought over the past 2 years. I am a side/stomach sleeper and have been experiencing neck pain and a clicking in my neck. My Chiropractor told me about the myblusleep Ceramo pillow. I kid you not, after the first night I noticed a difference with my neck. The clicking is gone and so is any pain associated with it! Wish I would have known about it sooner! The Ceramo pillow will not disappoint! Perfect amount of firmness…I had no “adjustment” period after switching pillows. My sleep has improved immensely!

Jeannie Stewart (Eatonton, Georgia, United States)
Fabulous pillow!

Perfect for side sleeper or back sleeper. Worked on finding the perfect pillow and I think I found it! So happy!

Che’ri Scott (North Richland Hills, Texas, United States)
Best pillow ever!!!

Back or side sleepers rejoice! This pillow is amazing!!! I am super picky but this pillow is AWESOME!!!!

Woo (Sugar Land, Texas, United States)
Truly unique and very comfortable

I was a little bit skeptical at first because it kind of had a sponge feel. It wasn't as soft feeling as the other gel pillows at first glance. After sleeping on it for a few weeks now, I've grown attached to the way the pillow feels and even smells. It has a very unique smell to it that I found interesting at first, but it has a soothing effect on me now.

It is also much softer once you lay your head on the pillow. I like the square spots because it really helps form the pillow around your head. I did notice initially that the pillow is so soft that it didn't support my heavy head as much as some of the other pillows I've used. After getting used to the amount of support this pillow gives, I became accustomed to it and other pillows feel too firm to me now. I would highly recommend this pillow even if you think you want a lower height pillow.

Most comfortable pillow ever

My wife got me this pillow and I got to say... it is the best thing she's ever gotten me. By far the best pillow I've ever slept on. It has the most perfect feel and it is very cooling to the touch. And the best part is that I have no pain when I wake up. Really awesome product!

Fantastic pillow

Very comfortable and supportive of my head. Unlike anything I've ever slept on. Let's just say that I will never go back to any other pillow... EVER.

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