We have absolutely fallen in love with the Vitality Queen sized pillows! Now time to invest in a louder alarm clock to actually wake us up!



We never have this experience before in our life. These pillows are unbelievable comfortable and healthy. Now we understand what is a good night sleep. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.



We are very happy with our blusleep mattress and pillows. The mattress is soft and firm at the same time. Our pillows are amazing! We recommend your products to all our friends and family.



My experience with Blu pillows all started out when I slept over at my friends house. She had the Bio Aloe queen size model. From that night, I knew I needed one myself! I then purchased the same model and cannot go one night without it. It is so comfortable and I have a much better nights sleep with it. I'm so happy with it and once I own my own home, I will definitely be purchasing more! I recommend these pillows to all my friends.



Approximately a year ago, I was introduced to Blu Sleep Products and purchased my first memory foam pillows. Ever since then, I have never slept better! The Ice Gel and Bio Aloe models are sized to make sure not only your head, but neck and shoulders are properly hugged as you fall into an undisturbed night’s sleep. Getting into bed has never felt better - highly recommend!