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We combined our Ice Gel and Vitality for double the choices and comfort. The plush feel of the Vitality memory foam supports your head/neck and reduces pressure points while the Ice Gel side provides an ultra-cool feel. The Cool & Cozy cover keeps the temperature down while the ventilation holes keep the air flowing throughout the pillow, for an easy and breezy sleep.

  • Dual Comfort: one side is our ICE GEL cooling gel foam pillow (3000 times more cooling than conventional memory foam) and the other side is our signature VITALITY memory foam
  • Infused with aloe essential oil to soothe skin for a restful sleep
  • Ventilation holes to help circulate air to increase cooling
  • Refreshing Cool and Cozy Cover
  • Made in Italy



Customer Reviews

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B Rich (Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada)
Info not provided

Just bought this pillow. Tried in store (Dauphin) and was impressed with support and size. We have just bought a new memory foam mattress and after one week still smelling off gases.
I opened up pillow to let it breathe and noticed a scent. Upon going to this site, I discovered it is aloe oil infused. I am sensitive to smells and would not of bought this pillow knowing this.
NO WHERE on the box does it say that and was not told that by salesperson.
Should have researched website before buying, but was in store, 15 Kim’s from home and it felt good.
BLU SLEEP. You should have this marked on box.

Lyla Ridsdale (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

Game changer in terms of sleep hygiene. Excellent product!!!

Chrystel Black (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Réduction significative de la douleur au cou !

Sorry for the French text but hey, nobody's perfect ;)
Je souffre depuis 20 ans de problèmes chroniques au cou et aux épaules, dû à un grave accident de voiture. J'ai essayé trois oreillers orthopédiques sans résultat. Celui-ci est le premier dont je peux dire avec certitude qu'il apporte des bienfaits sensibles et réduit de manière significative mon niveau de douleur après une semaine. Reste à voir si cela perdurera sur le long terme, mais en attendant, quel confort ! Et le petit plus de la fraîcheur est vraiment appréciable !

Lyndsey A
Excellent pillow!

My chiropractor recommended this pillow. I have had it for a week now. I suffered from neck and back pain and would wake up very stiff every morning. The first night of sleeping with this pillow, I woke up feeling refreshed and not stiff! The best pillow I have ever purchased! I have recommended it to many people!

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