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Vita Gel Pillow - Infused with Soy Oil

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  • Dual comfort soy foam and breathable gel pillow
  • Water expanded foamed Gel
  • Cool & Cozy pillow cover-Dual sided for cool and cozier sleep
  • Ultra-Plush feel
  • Foam Made in Italy, Cover made in Canada
  • Foam quality certified

The natural oils used in each pillow are an important part of the foam’s chemistry. Inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds us these pillows are made up of formulas that took years to develop. We’ve been able to create specialty pillows with high breathability and luxury feels.

Fall into a deep sleep with the double-sided Vita Gel pillow features our Vitality on one side and Ice Gel on the other. This specialty foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam. The instant response foam is soft to the touch and offers a cloud-like feel. The breathable cover and ventilation channels work together to draw heat and moisture away from the body for a cool and comfortable sleep. Let this pillow surround you with comfort so you can wake up energized and ready for your day.

Our body deserves the best.  We are proud of the fact that our innovative foams are expanded with water and created with natural oils for an enriched night’s sleep.

Although our pillows are infused with natural oils, it is important to note that the fragrance will dissipate or fade over time.  This will not affect the performance of the pillow. The breathability, luxurious feel, and support will never change.

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What is the difference between Gel and Memory foam? 

All of our foams are breathable. The memory foams are quick responding and contour your head and neck. The foamed gels are 3000 times more breathable than traditional memory foam. They also contour and support your head and neck with a bouncier feel.

What is the difference between side sleeper pillows and back & stomach sleeper pillows?

Our side sleeper pillows are larger in height and are preferred by most side sleepers. They are considered to be high profile pillows. Our back & stomach sleeper pillows are lower in height compared to the side sleeper pillows and are preferred by most back & stomach sleepers. They are considered to be low profile pillows.

What is Water Expanded Memory Foam?

Foam expanded with water rather than chemicals for a more natural product.

What is Sleep Cool Technology?

Breathable and heat dissipating materials to keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature. 

Can the covers on the pillows be washed?

They can be washed in cold water. Hang to dry. 

Where are your pillows/mattresses made?

The foams are made in Italy. The covers are made in Canada and the USA. Pillows/Mattresses are assembled in the USA.

Have your products been tested for harmful substances?

Yes, our foams have the Oeko-Tex quality certification, ensuring they have been tested for harmful substances and all high standards are met.

You mention that your pillows "cool". How does that work?

Our specially engineered foam absorbs and dissipates body heat, keeping you cool all night long. Our cooling covers are constructed with special fibers keeping you cool as well!

Do you recommend adding a pillow case?

It really is up to you. It is a personal preference.

The essential oil smell of my pillow is not as strong as when I first purchased. What can I do to enhance the smell?

Although the essential oil is part of the chemistry of the foam, the smell may dissipate over time. If you would like to add more essential oil scent, you can purchase an essential oil, dilute it with water and spray it on the pillow.

What are the Dimensions of the Pillows?

Standard - 23.5''x15.75"x4.75"

Queen Low Profile - 28.5"x16.5"x4.75"

Queen Mid Profile - 28.75"x17"x5.5"

Queen High Profile - 28.5"x16.5"x6"

King - 35.5"x14"x5.5"

What is the difference between high profile, low profile and mid profile options?

This refers to the height of the pillow.

Can I use your mattresses on an adjustable base? 

Our mattresses are made to suit all bases, including adjustable ones. 


Highly breathable foam and cover work together to provide you with the coolest and most comfortable night’s sleep


Gel Foam is 3000 times more breathable than conventional memory foam. Open cell structure and fully ventilated.


Water is used as the expansion agent instead of chemicals.


Adapts to the natural shape of your body. Its quick response enables a good night’s sleep like no other.


Pillow is not affected by temperature. It maintains the same feel and comfort throughout the night.


Foam tested for harmful substances. Quality certifications ensure all highest standards are met.


Adapts to the contours of your body and reacts to pressure changes, distributing your weight more evenly and raising your level of comfort.


Blu Sleep sources the finest, healthiest sleep product components from around the world that deliver a personalized pampering experience for our customers and result in a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep.


Most specialty sleep companies sell mattresses and pillows but few provide a definitive experience that enhances the lifestyle of the consumer. Blu Sleep’s features: Water-expanded foam, essential oils, enhanced airflow, and unique construction provides a refreshing and soothing experience every evening when they go to bed. These high-quality mattresses and pillows transform sleep into a nightly wellness ritual much akin to a luxury spa.


"Some of our best memories were of our summer trips to the south of Italy. We were both drawn to the calm and soothing feeling of the water and sand. We wanted to share that experience with everyone that brings us back time and time again. The beautiful landscapes, culinary experiences, and the vivre of the culture truly inspired us to create what Blu Sleep is today. Everything from our patented technologies, essential oils, to even our signature color echo the personal homage we pay to those very memories. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do."

 – Alex Ciccolella and Elizabeth Dell’Accio

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